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Freshie Juice, your hot secretary returns. While she's played your games for awhile, she's tired of reading your disgusting, objectifying emails to your "boys club" about what you'd like to do to her. So, she went over your head. She escalated things. She called your BOSS. Miss Jessa Jordan has taken time out of her busy schedule to put you in your place. She has zero tolerance for your perverted behavior. If you're gunna push what you can get away with, with company hours she's gunna push YOU. She and Freshie hash out what a perverted loser you are and tell you to get on the floor. If you're gunna jerk off on the clock, why not stroke it in front of us? Oh is this SOOooooOOOOOoooo embarrassing for you? Awww wah. So sad. We whip out our phones and record you, we tell you were gunna tell the board members, your wife, even your home owners association what a pervert you are. Eventually we let you cum, and remind you, this is your new life, degrading yourself for your secretary (whose honestly really your BOSS) and your CEO. Hope you're ready for work tomorrow.

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