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Freshie Juice works at an up and coming start up. She can't help but be nervous because her Boss Jessa Jordan is so hard on her. She's constantly changing Freshie's hours short notice and berating her in front of others. Freshie starts shaking as Jessa enters the room. Jessa starts screaming and yelling at Freshie, because the reports aren't done yet. Even though she only sent them to Freshie at midnight. Freshie's lip quivers as she tries to defend herself but Jessa only yells at her louder! As Jessa turns away Freshie decides she just can not take it anymore, and rips Jessa's pants down! She's mortified, she can't believe Freshie would embarrass her like this. As she goes to try to pull up her pants, Freshie grabs her underwear and gives her a MASSIVE wedgie. Jessa cries out in pain and humiliation. She gets in Freshie's face, "I've had quite enough of you, YOU'RE FIRED!!" Freshie laughs and says I'm not fried, because I QUIT! She pants Jessa one more time before running out the door.

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